Sunday, October 2, 2011

What I Never Expected...

It's been a long journey getting us here... a lot of praying, searching, talking, thinking, then packing, moving, unpacking, repacking, and here we sit. 


And it'd be a lie if I said I didn't have some expectations in this move.   For instance:
I expected it to take forever to get in living order again. 
I expected lots and lots and lots of tears on my part.
I expected sadness and loneliness.
I expected it to be the worst possible time for me to move to Texas, because I love SIL fall.
I expected to be lost trying to find myself around...

Etc. Etc. Etc. (Of course I expected lots of positive things too, like loving the church and our pastor - and his family - having ample options of things to do, places to go, etc... but for the sake of this blog and it's point, let's just concentrate at the ones mentioned above, shall we?)

And what I've found is this:
I've almost got every cardboard box out of my house and everything that we need for living in 'a place.' (We aren't unpacking all of our boxes this move... senseless.)
I've only shed a few tears since being here... very few, in fact. 
I've not felt 'sad.'  Sure - I dearly and deeply miss several people from 'home' (may I call it that just a little while longer?)... and yearn and long to see them again... but 'sadness' has not consumed me, and neither has loneliness. 
The weather may be just a little warmer than what I'd like, but aside from one day this week, it's been quite enjoyable... and somehow it still seems like fall.
And - I don't have the area figured out by any means, but I can get myself around here quite well so far. 

Not ever to say that it's all rosey and great, but after a short stint during a bad season in our lives after we got off the road, all I knew of 'moving' was scary, making my glass half empty... well, as Aaron would say, maybe I didn't even have a glass. 

But so far - so good.  We are so very thankful for the little house in which we are staying.  We are so very thankful that their is a contract on our home that we are selling.  We are so very thankful for two happy, healthy babies.  We are so very thankful for a helpful, sweet church family.  We are so very thankful that God prepares our hearts and our minds for such ventures. 

My heart really is full... in so many ways.  Now - if we can just get some visitors on the calendar we'd be good to go ;)


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