Friday, October 7, 2011

Don't Judge to Harshly

On the pictures, that is.  Remember, these pictures were all taken on the 'auto' setting immediately after putting my camera together.  I spent all of the 'sacred time' (after kids go to bed) until 11 p.m. reading the manual and taking practice shots of my feet (no, really, I did), so today's pictures may be a little more... well, let's just say that I'll take the camera off of 'auto'.

Anyway - here's a few to tide you over for the day:

This one is by far my favorite... so I'm spoiling the rest by giving it to you first.  Oh well.  This is pure little boy bliss in the making:  astronaut rain boots, stickers all over his knee, and a big ole cheesy, laughing grin.  AND - the lighting cooperated the best. 

This was our 'playing outside time'.  Tried the manual setting outside but the white balance was WAY off.  I'm going to need to reread the specifics in the manual before we go out today.  Anyway - these pictures were 'dull' on the auto setting... but they were pictures none the less.  (They were dull, but we were in the shade... soooo.)

My lovely, drooly, one tooth, working on another, child ;) 

This one may have been my 2nd favorite.  Right behind our house is a big ole house with a big ole farm and they have horses and cows that B likes to look at.  (They also have a real John Deere mower that looks exactly (well, without the pedals of course) like Bryton's!

Speaking of that "John Deere Green" (as Bryton has been so instructed to say, by Papa), here it is!

So - as if the horses and cows weren't enough... we have visitor peacocks that roam around every now and then.  We were warned about it when we moved in - but hey, this is temporary housing that we need!  The only evidence we've seen of them, though, is this:

And I'd say that is pretty good evidence. 

On another - non-picture related note, Ansley's new favorite thing sounds something like, "Mamamamamama" -which just so happened to come before 'dadadadada', which makes this momma happy.  

Especially since Bryton's first real mumbling, and definitely first word, was 'Zeke'.  Fo real. 

Pumpkin patch today, possibly?  Going to read the manual again on the way :) 



  1. Ahh, the good ol' sacred time. I almost dread getting anything new that requires effort and concentration, simply because I don't like spending my sacred time figuring it out. HA!
    My Q would love that John Deere toy! He's obsessed right now. I think peacocks are so cool, but beware, they make a crazy weird/cool noise. The people behind us have some and they are always hollering and carrying on. Perhaps because they are confined. Before we got married, Hubby lived in a rent house whose neighbors had peacocks (catch that?) and they loved to roam around. He would find them sitting on top of his fences all the time. So pretty!

  2. We still haven't seen ours, and the noise is EXACTLY why the people before warned us ;) But we've not heard them... yet. (But our room is at the front of the house and they hang around the back... hmmmm lol - wonder if Ansley hears them :)
    And I'm with you on the sacred time! The camera was worth it to me, but not much else is ;)