Monday, October 17, 2011

A Little Fall Decor

I've been getting by not having all of my things out and in places (since over half of our stuff still lives in boxes in the church office's garage), but I'd be lying if I said there weren't times that I reaaaallllly wish I had something. 

Like every Sunday morning when I look through my closet...

Or when I'm going to cook something and need my dutch oven (who knows where that thing is...)...

Or when I can think of the perfect toy Ansley has finally grown into...

But I really, really wish I had all of my things when it comes to seasons. 

I'm a seasonally decorative person... especially from the beginning of October through the end of December.  I firmly believe that every home should be pumpkined, snowflaked, and evergreened out!  For real! 

And so - I have a small collection of our fall decor out - but not much, and I don't really want to buy anymore being that I don't know what our next house will be like, and I need to wait and buy up when I'm going to have an idea of what it is I'll actually be decorating. 

So - I used some pinterest ideas and B and I got to work.  (Ok, ok.  First confession, this was intended for B and I to do, but considering the pattern I 'not on purpose' developed was totally not 3 year old friendly, and B is all boy and has the attention span of a... boy... I ended up doing the tracing, cutting, and patterning myself.  BUT - he contributes later on in a very cute story.  I'll share that eventually.)

And so, together was formed some leaf garland with nothing more than some scissors, a hole punch, some yarn and construction paper. 

 Do I feel a little bit like we live in a Kindergarten classroom?  A little.  But hey, I have a almost 3 year old in the house... and you know what he told me??
 After hearing Aaron tell me, "Hey, honey, the house looks great,"

The next day Bryton looked up at me with those baby blues, completely unprompted, and said, "Momma, the house *long pause* looks great!" with a big 'ole cheese on his face. 

And he said it again the day after that.

I'll decorate my house in construction paper all year round if it looks great to my three year old... just sayin'.

Oh, and let me leave you with a spooky picture of my blessed offspring:

 Watch the facial expressions... I'm already learning about the art (or luck, rather) of getting both of your children looking and smiling at the same time for photos...
 I swear they just exchanged facial expressions...
At least dad's smiling in this one.  Ansley is smiling.  B is looking.  I guess that's a good start =)


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