Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Monumental Decision

Yep - I'm sure you've put two and two together. 

This isn't a 'we were wrong' post... or a 'they were wrong' post, it is a 'rethinking life' post. 

And we've done a lot of that lately.

With theology.

With family.

With life.

And once avid "no Santa" gift-givers, we know that this is probably the year that will make every bit of difference for Bryton.  He's catching on and remembering things... he's retaining information... he's learning.  This is the year we had to decide.  For good.

Who and what will Santa be for us?

And a pinterest post I ran across made Aaron and I do some reconsidering...

More on that later. 

But one thing is certain - Jesus IS and always will be the center and the reason for our season. 


  1. Looking forward to reading what you've discovered. We don't do Santa, really. In Hubby's family EVERYTHING came from "Santa" and in my family, we knew good and well that it was a labor of Mom and Dad's love that provided treats and gifts for us at Christmas. Lots of discussion has happened in our family over this. Hubby sees no harm in Santa, and really I don't either. But, we've revaluated gift giving in a LOT of ways in general, so anymore santa is trivial. We're frying bigger fish as a family, I guess...
    Specifically in emphasizing that last line in your post. All is Him. Period.

  2. You've got it girl. We did Santa in both of our families, but we both were given gifts by our parents as well. You saying there being no harm in Santa is what brought us to the conclusion to do it. I can't see where it would 'hurt' a faith decision, but we have seen where we could use it as a tool (and I use that term a little loosely). All in all - we'll see how it goes and re-evaluate next year ;)