Monday, October 3, 2011


A long, long time ago this word became very real to me.  Passion meant, aside from all else, putting Jesus first, despite the cost.  Passion meant loving in the face of sacrifice and hardship... it meant keepin' on, it meant desire, it meant faithfulness.

A year or so following that passion took root in another realm of life.  As Aaron and I began considering the idea of courting or dating we were well aware that there could be great opposition (for those of you just tuning in, there's quite an age difference).  "Passion" (for each other, but most importantly to be in God's will) would have to be the thing to get us through.  And get us through it did (thought there was much less opposition than we anticipated.)

And ever since, God has been growing this idea of 'passion' in my life, and what I am finding is is this:  what we are passionate about, we make time for.  What we are passionate about, we tell others about.  What we are passionate about, we sacrifice for.  What we are passionate about we live and we breathe.  And - where there is no passion... complacency and apathy tend to follow.

I've been searching for a football team lately... you know, like, one to be a fan of.  I know, that sounds so lame.  You don't have to tell me that, but the truth is, I really do like football.  Really!  I like the game, I like the rules, shoot, I even like to play in my backyard!  But, being that I've never really followed it, it bores the life out of me to watch it on tv.  I'm not connected to it.  I have no 'team' to root for, thus, there's no passion.

In us is this desire to have a passion for something.  I'm passionate about the St. Louis Cardinals and about the St. Louis Blues.  I'm passionate about certain writers or movies.  I'm passionate about being home with my kids and being a stay at home mom.  And hopefully, one of these days I'll have a football team to be passionate about.

But more than anything - I want to be passionate about Jesus.  I want the same enthusiasm that you'd see in me at Busch stadium to be the same enthusiasm you see when I'm living my life for Christ.   I want the things I do and say to reflect the love I have for Him.

I feel lucky to be part of a body of believers that seems to understand this passion, and I thank God for it, and pray that He continues the works in us that He has planned for us... that our enthusiasm and zeal for the Lord would not be lightened, but would be deepened as we learn to know Him better... that we'd be seen as devoted fans and followers of our Lord Jesus Christ, not for our glory, but for His.

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