Thursday, October 20, 2011


Maybe I'm a little more stressed than I thought I was...

And it's not moving.  No, I can't blame it on that.  The move has been, well, much easier than expected.

But I think it's more ages and stages of kiddos overlapping...

It has come to be that Ansley is taking up twice my time than what she once did, and it comes at a time where Bryton needs (for the sake of keeping he and I both sane and behaving well) me more than usual as well.  Ok, maybe he doesn't need me so much, but he needs to do something, exert energy, jump (on things that aren't my couch), run (preferably not into me when I'm trying to get something out of the oven), and just. be. a. boy.

Ansley - though - has dropped a bottle, which you'd think would free up all kinds of time, except the dropping of the bottle adds three times of 'meals' a day that must be fed to her... which all take time, as she cannot do it herself yet.  Add onto it that 'lil Miss' is now 'lil Miss Mobile' - and I find myself trying to get something in the house clean, trying to do something with Bryton, or trying to fix a meal and she's pulling on a cord someplace, sitting inside our fireplace (seriously, I'm not kidding), or she's gotten all of our shoes off their shelves to chew on.  *Sigh*  So I find myself chasing her all over the place, making every other task (which seemed impossible to begin with) take twice as long.

On top of it all - Ansley - and this is a good thing - has finally "gotten" the two naps a day idea, but doing so takes a huge chunk out of the morning (meaning, by the time I bottle feed her, get Bryton ready, get myself ready, and 'feed feed' her I have maybe a spare half hour combined before it's time for her to nap again. 

Now - all of that being said... it isn't really driving me crazy... if there's one thing I've learned from my firstborn, for every phase there is a season, and the seasons are usually much shorter than we'd ever expect them to be.  I give her a month and she'll be finger feeding herself, meaning she can do that at the bathroom door while I shower in the morning (mine and Bryton's old routine) or while I accomplish something with her brother.  So - I'm not going nuts, just trying to adapt...

Another change - this long morning nap she's taking is pushing back the long afternoon nap... which means that when 'normal naptime' comes along at about 1 or 1:30 (when this momma needs a small break), she's usually only been up an hour or so and has another hour or so to be wide eyed and bushy tailed.  B goes down at 1 still... but their naps don't overlap like they once did. 

Having kids is good for me... it ensures I don't get to comfortable and I remain adaptable.  That's for sure.

Phew - there was 10 minutes of a breath and a vent... now, on with the day...


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