Sunday, October 16, 2011

7 Months Old

How does it go by so fast?  I mean, really?  I was prepared for how quickly it goes by this time... I knew not to blink... I knew how quickly Bryton had grown. 

But as I sit I have a mobile, two teethed, laughing, grinning, life - enjoyin' little girl.  

Since life was crazy when we would have had 6 month pictures professionally done, I took some 7 month pictures with our new camera myself... for your viewing pleasure:


  1. Sooooo sweet! She looks so much like big bro. Love the picture of her sucking fingers, my Sprig does the same thing. :) She is precious!

  2. Oh yes- A is tooootally a finger sucker :) B was a paci kid, she's never taken a paci - but I'm unsure about how I get those fingers away from her ;)