Saturday, October 1, 2011

I'm a Camera Copy Cat

But I'm also camera illiterate... in other words... I have no. idea. what I'm doing when it comes to knowing what is good for the price.  (For those of you who have missed a few days, I've been needing a new dslr because the last one I used occasionally was the youth groups from our old church.)

So - I figured the only thing I knew to do was to ask a few people, search around on blogs of people whose photography skills I covet, and start figuring out what I need. 

So - after a whole day spent yesterday, at about 10:00 last night I ordered my Canon Rebel XS.  I'm seeing that it's not the newest model, but I also see the picture quality it is capable of (if I can teach myself to use it.) 

Want to see for yourself, go visit this here blog.  (I love her blog, btw, and hope you do as well!)


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  1. New cameras are so much fun, you'll love it!