Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Houston, We Have Teeth, Err, Tooth

That's right, folks.  Ansley had her first tooth come through sometime during the night before, or on her 7 month birthday.  A white, pointy, pearly reminder that my baby, probably the last baby I will ever have, is ever so quickly growing up.  Good bye gummy grin, hello heels and slamming doors.

Ok - maybe we can get past the slamming doors stage... wishful thinking?  Probably.

(I mean, come on, Bryton has slammed his door, and he is two... going on fourteen, if you ask him.)

And of course, I have not one picture to show to you of tooth number 1 for child number 2 (not as if I could anyway, her tongue is rubbing over it so much I'm lucky, with all of my prying, that I've been able to see it.)

But rest assured, dear friends, tomorrow is delivery day for the Gregg's new camera, and with a new camera there will come many pictures... and I'll be letting you all in on this new life we're living...

Until then - peace & love


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