Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Saving 95% at Kroger / And an Indulgence

I'm getting ridiculous at the couponing thing.  I seriously buy hardly anything if it isn't on sale and I don't have a coupon for it... I'm only happy if I save more than 50% grocery shopping, and I've started in on my Walgreens register rewards.  (Got paid to take a Schick Hydro Razor home this week, and paid $2 for two bottles of laundry detergent.  Woot Woot!) :) It's really become a hobby I enjoy!  (Thanks, Molly!)  It's amazing how meeting an amazing woman of God could not only bless my spirit, but my pocket book after she taught me and inspired me to coupon from hundreds of miles away.  (When I was disappointed because we don't have a publix ;)  What I learned from her?  Make money for your family by being an amazing steward with the money you already have, pray that God will get glory from your efforts and will bless them accordingly, and that a little bit of work is worth a lot (they say on average a couponer "makes" or saves $20 for every hour they 'work' on couponing.) 
So, here is my pretty amazing deal from Kroger this week:
I bought:
6 two liter pepsi products
4 Old Spice Fresh Zone Full Size Deoderants (I'm a stocker so I never have to buy anything full price, and I have PLENTY of deoderant.  It's time for me to start donating.  I'm excited about getting to do this!)
1 Box Kraft Cheesy Explosion Mac N. Cheese

The two liters were buy four get two free, making each .84. 
The deoderants were a P&G (Proctor and Gamble) special where you buy 4 participating items and get $4.00 off your order.  (Made each deoderant 2.50)
The Kraft Mac n' Cheese wasn't on sale, but it didn't matter ;)

I used:
2 B1G1 Free Coupons for the Old Spice Fresh Zone Deoderants
1 eCoupon on my Kroger Card for $3 off 2 Old Spice Fresh Zone Deoderants
1 Free Coupon for the Mac n' Cheese
2 $1 off catalina manufacturer coupons good on my next order (from my last shopping at Kroger)  (Catalinas are the print outs you get after you complete a transaction, watch for what I got from this transaction in a minute!)

I saved $14.97 from manufacturer coupons
I saved $14.10 in Kroger plus savings
And I saved $29.07 overall.

My total out of pocket was $2.99!!!
AND I got a catalina for .75 off of Barilla whole wheat pasta and 2 catalinas for free redbox codes!  Woo hoo!  Free movies! 

AND, my indulgence for the day was treating myself and Bryton to Tropical Sno with $2 of the money that I saved from Kroger :) teehee

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