Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Exciting Walgreens Trip - and May 5th Indulgence #5

Well, I've wanted to go to Walgreens since Sunday, but didn't because I knew we'd already be to Carbondale twice this week for doctor's appointments of different sorts, so today when I finally made it there I didn't have my hopes up of their being anything left of what I planned on getting.  All the other couponers had done bought them out ;) BUT - I did still get a reallllly great deal at Walgreens.  It pays for me to carry my coupons with me... I definitely wouldn't have had all the right ones for this deal had I left them at home!  Here's what I got:

In total, it's four Hallmark cards (lots of showers and things coming up), two Dove deoderants, and one shampoo/conditioner (Pert Plus), and another Pert Plus Mens 3 in 1, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.  Overall I spent $3.87 out of pocket and earned $2 in register rewards.  I was pretty excited about this one!  If you are in So. IL and have printed the dove deoderant $2 coupons, these dove deoderants are 2/$4!  FREE after coupons!  I like free deoderant.  I have five sticks now ;) 
Also, today's 'indulgence' was my kindness to stranger indulgence.  So I'm not going to talk much about it ;)  Check back tomorrow.  

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