Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Indulge Your Girls! Hairbows!

Okay you mother's of daughters (or nieces or little sisters or friends of mothers of daughters ;), however you look at it, if you've got a girl in your life then you need to check out a dear friend of mine's new blogspot.  Her name is JaLyn and she's a sweet, crafty little thing who makes amazing hairbows!  (And cakes too, hopefully that blog will be coming soon!)
Anyway, you need to go check out her blog here and take advantage of these introductory prices!!!  (It's like a coupon!  Isn't that great!?)  You won't want to miss these deals... prices go up on June 1st! 
Just a little bit about JaLyn:  She's an amazing Christian friend, a great wife, and a mother of one little boy, and two little twin girls that she is currently carrying in her belly :)  She's a stay at home mom, and a load of fun!  Here are some of her bows:
Just in case you missed it above, here is her link again: Handful of Hairbows

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