Thursday, May 6, 2010

May 6th - Indulgence Number 6 and Couponing Adventures

Bryton had his 18 month well check today, which I was for sure meant shots, but apparently I was wrong.  More on that later.  Anyway, so the mom in me decided to include him as part of my indulgence today.  I had to stop by the post office early this morning before we left, which conveniently happens to be located across the street from the bakery.   Bryton hadn't been to the bakery until this morning, but this morning we made that little haul across the street, and I got to watch him push his face against the glass of the doughnut cases and oooh at everything.  He ended up with a snickerdoodle (the cleanest thing I could imagine him eating on the way to the doctor's office by himself), and I got a doughnut.  My total was $1.80, but I gave her $2 and told her to keep it, making my total now, $8.40. 
NOW, for the couponing part of my blog.  I must first say that I'm really starting to learn more about this couponing adventure I'm on.  Just recently I've figured out that sometimes things they say are 'on sale' really aren't 'on sale', and it's really the 'normal' price at that particular store.  I've also learned that the longer you are at this the better you become at randomly 'spotting' deals.  I'll be honest, 6 months ago had you asked me how much a particular item was I would have had no idea.  BUT, you start couponing and budgeting, making every penny, literally, count for you and you learn that $1.00 off frozen chicken breasts is a huge difference.  Knowing how much stuff costs helps me know whether the new 3 for $5 deal is really a deal at all or if I'd be better to wait the next week when they are no longer 'on sale' and are back to $1.50 and no longer $1.67ish. 
I've also learned that knowing your stores coupon policy is huge.   I started as a Kroger couponer, and they are pretty easy.  Kroger takes manufacturer coupons, their sales are per product (meaning if it's a $10 for 10 sale you don't have to buy 10 items to get the one item for $1), and they double any coupons .50 and under (that don't state otherwise). 
I'll admit.  Walgreens scared me.  Why?  Because you have 3 options for coupons there.  You have manufacturer coupons, walgreens coupons, and register rewards (the tickets printed at the register when you buy participating items that give you a dollar amount off of your next visit.)  Register rewards are considered manufacturer coupons, so if I were to go back in and buy an item with a coupon and wanted to use my register rewards I'd have to buy another item.  I'd already used a manufacturers coupon on the one.  Here, this may be easier.  My deal at Walgreens today looked like this, I bought:
1 12 Pack of Cottonelle Toilet Paper
2 Dove Deoderants (on sale for 2/$4)
and a pack of Starburst for .49

I used:
$1.50 Cottonelle Toilet Paper Manufacturer Coupon
.50 Cottonelle Toilet Paper Walgreens coupon (stack these!!!  you can do that!)
$2 off of 1 Dove Deoderant manufacturer coupon
$1 off of 1 Dove Deoderant manufacturer coupon (I ran out of the $2 off 1, darn ;)
And $2.00 in Register Rewards

To start, I only had the deoderants and toilet paper in my cart, but in order to use my register rewards I had to have another item that I wasn't going to use a manufacturers coupon on.  The good news about Walgreens is they always have something on clearance or cheap!  I almost bought a .33 pencil sharpener instead of the .49 Starbursts, but I thought I'd get more use out of the Starbursts ;)

My total after coupons and register rewards was $4.57. 

Now, at Kroger I saved 70%!!!
I bought:
2 Cans of Bush's Grilling Beans
1 Regular Size Tub of Huggies Wipes
1 Lady Speedstick deoderant (it was free... give me a break ;) )
3 Hamburger Helper meals
1 Nivea Body Wash
1 Package of Nestle Morsel White Chocolates
2 Old El Paso Burrito Seasonings
1 Suddenly Salad Pasta Salad Box Kit

My total at Kroger was $8.28! 

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