Monday, May 17, 2010

And the winner is...

Rachel Kremer!  Which means, Rachel, I'll be working on you a great prize pack in the next month! :)  
I'm excited to share, here on my blog, all of the great deals!  

I actually was really proud of myself on couponing today... had a great kroger trip.  Actually, I spent $52 on all of the groceries, aside from like extra milk / bread, etc., for the next two weeks!  AND, that included two bottles of laundry detergent, a large package of chicken, huggies diapers, a large thing of wipes, and a small tub of wipes!  
I also couponed at Walgreens today and saved about 50% there as well.  
All in all there's a lot to share on here, but to be honest it's been a rough day health wise for me.  Migraine on top of allergies = 1 sick momma.  
I'll try to catch everyone up on life stuff tomorrow.  Praying I feel better then!  
Congrats Rachel!  I'm excited to shop for you ;)  

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  1. i'm pretty excited myself!!! -Rachel K