Saturday, May 22, 2010

A lot to catch up on

Life has been so hectic lately, so let's catch up on indulgences:
First of all, Thursday was huge.  On Thursday night I hosted a Scentsy Party for a dear friend of mine.  I'm totally excited about the 1/2 price products I earned and the free scents I'm going to end up getting.  All of that being said, the indulgence part of that wasn't the free stuff or half price items, it was just a great night of hanging out with friends.  Lots of church family stopped by, which was fun, and lots of old high school friends of mine stopped by and hung out.  It was kind of like our old high school group all together again.  So nice!  I sure love those girls!  So that is Thursday's indulgence, good times with good friends!
Yesterday was hectic but wonderful.  Aaron, Bryton and I went to breakfast together, something we rarely do.  We chose a little sit down place on Main Street in our home town.  It was a nice relaxing morning.  Then we had to run a few errands after that.  Things then got crazy, Bryton's new, not recalled, crib came in on Wednesday, so yesterday was our first free day to get it out, get it put together, get his other crib taken apart, and get it all set back up.  So, between that, getting stuff ready for today's yard sale, and getting all three of us ready for graduation last night, it was a hectic two hours or so. 
As I mentioned, last night was 8th grade graduation, so we attended that to watch our adopted kids (the youth kids) graduate!  (Congrats guys!)  But then, a wonderful, dear, friend / youth of ours came and watched Bryton and put him down so Aaron and I could have a much needed night out. 
We went and walked the mall, did some cheap Old Navy shopping, then went to Applebees and split an appetizer and dessert, and then ran a few Carbondale errands.  I'll sure be glad when they get their new Chili's!  Yum! 
So, that being said, basically all day Friday was an indulgence.  We'll count the date night out as the real one. 
Now, today... I'm currently having my yard sale.  It's going alright.  I didn't do much to advertise it except facebook, so I'm not completely disappointed with the outcome, but the sole purpose for this yard sale was to get rid of crap.  We have got to get that basement cleaned out to get stuff going down there!  And that, my fellow readers, will be exactly the result of this.  Everything not sold is going to the dump and that gets it out of our way. 
AFTER the yard sale, though, we're taking our recalled crib back, and when Bryton naps, I'm going to lay out!  (There's the real indulgence!)  Time for a tan!
Well, that's it for today.  I already know what tomorrow's is going to be too, so I'll keep you posted!

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