Sunday, May 16, 2010

Blog #100!

And it's the giveaway blog!  I've told you all it's been coming and I'm good with my promises!  So here it is!  Here is the just of this give-away.  It's also a challenge for me.  I'm shopping for 1 person for one month.  On June 16th, the winner of the give-away will receive (or be mailed) a prize pack of items bought during my couponing just for you.  I'll allow myself to spend no more than $10 and we'll see what all I can rack up for you in between now and June 16th. 
How do you enter?  Easy.
Leave a comment on this post (below) stating your name, email address, and 5 random facts about yourself that may help me coupon for you.  (Please no more than 5, just five will give me the info I need ;)  Could be a favorite food or flavor, your favorite color, a hobby, etc.  So go ahead, I'm drawing the winner at 11:00 p.m. tomorrow night using  You have 24 hours to get entered! 
Times a ticking...
BTW, indulgences today did not go well.  In fact, I think I should have stayed in bed today.  More on that tomorrow!  Hurry up and enter already!


  1. Amy Atteberry

    1. Love chocolate
    2. Favorite Disney character--Mickey
    3. Favorite color--purple
    4. Occupation--teacher
    5. Love watching my kids playing their sports. Will be spending my summer at the ballfields again but I wouldn't have it any other way.

  2. Beverly Davis
    1. I work at Walmart.
    2. I love to coupon.
    3. I like freebies!
    4. I like alot of colors!
    5. I love chocolate 2! lol

  3. Rebecca Conner

    1) I am about to start living on my own apartment.
    2) I enjoy baking
    3) I enjoy knitting and sewing
    4) favorite color: royal blue, kelly green, or mocha brown
    5) Coffee and flavored teas - enough said

  4. Casondra Chwarczinski

    1. I have four kids -need i say more lol
    2. I love chocolate of any kind
    3. My favorite color rightn now is yellow.
    4. I love to do craft projects. I am very into painting.
    5. I am getting ready to go back to work after being off since Oct.

  5. Rachel Kremer

    1. mommy of 6 mo. old b/g twins:)
    2. fav. colors: black/white
    3. starting my summer of coupons june 1st(goal is to figure this thing out before school resumes in aug. on $125 per wk.)
    4. profession: mommy/wife/special edu. teacher
    5. favorite store: american eagle

  6. Tim Hirsch

    1. Can a guy enter?
    2. Like to read
    3. Like anything with "food" in it
    4. Like to garden
    5. Like to cook

  7. Jaci Gregory

    1. I work at Nascote Ind.
    2. Love to cook
    3. My favorite color is peach/apricot
    4. I like to cross-stitch
    5. I also like flower and gardening

  8. So I never win anything but hey, I'll give it a try :)I think you will know my random facts already!

    Shelly File

    1. I work at SIU as a dental hygienist.
    2. I will be starting maternity leave on June 11th and hope to have Beckett soon after.
    3. I have a very strong sense of smell & like my house and the things/people in it to smell good.
    4. I love to bake/cook but hate to clean up.
    5. I like to try new foods but have a husband and children who don't.

  9. Wish i would have saw this sooner :( Congrats Rachel :)

  10. I missed it too! congrats Rachel :)