Friday, May 14, 2010

May 14th - Indulgence

Well, today was rough.  I've been fighting what I think is allergies, just that constantly scratchy throat, occasional watery eyes and sneezy / stuffiness.  B is fighting it too, so together we struggle I guess.  Despite how we feel there are still things that have to be done.  
Tomorrow is the scheduled yard sale.  I hope it ends up feeling like an indulgence like I'm planning on it feeling.  The goal is to make enough money that I don't panic over the summer by working on the basement and to get stuff out of the basement so that we can start work on the basement.  One way or another, we're getting as much gone tomorrow as possible... so for the few of you who read my blog, if you come by about 12-1 things may be really, really on sale ;)
So I spent most of my time, scratch that, all of my time this morning working on yard sale stuff, and I still really don't have everything done that I need to.   I just guess I'll stress with it in the morning.  Then, I paid bills, worked on some couponing, did a quick run to town, and we left to go get us all haircuts, go to Starbucks (bad call, more on that in a minute), and eat out. 
It did end up being enjoyable but that was despite:
- Making a trip to CVS and deciding I don't shop there enough to make the extra care bucks worth the purchase.  (For all the successful trips I have couponing there are some like these.  I didn't buy anything this trip, which I concluded was successful because I weighed the pros and cons.)
- Going to Starbucks in Barnes and Noble, with the hubby and the offspring in order to 'indulge' for the day.  We made sure to go between 3-5 to get our half price fraps, but low and behold this particular Starbucks was not honoring that special.  SO, we paid full price for two frappacinos that were NOT good.  By far the worst we ever had.  We aren't complainers and Aaron mentioned several times he wanted to take it back to her and tell her they weren't made well, but, we sucked it up and moved on.  (I'm all about couponing, but have not yet become that person who demands refunds when things are perfect.  I don't think I want to be that person.)
-THEN, we went to Great Clips (I know, right?), to get the three of us haircuts.  Low and behold it's attached to Kroger, which has a Starbucks on premises that IS honoring the happy hour at Starbucks.  BUT we showed up at 5:03.  Are you kidding me?  Figures.  I did end up getting 2 free 7-Up 2-liters and a really cheap baby item to put in a gift bag for a shower coming up, so that did make me somewhat happy.  Oh yeah, and we did get the haircuts, and B did great again as usual... so besides being peed on for the first time EVER since having a kid, it was an overall success.  (Seriously, was holding him and my shirt go real warm real fast.  We had NEVER had a leaky diaper until this point.  Beautiful.)
-So, we ended up at Steak N Shake (I had coupons) for supper.  Aaron had a double cheddar cheeseburger and fries with a side of chili and a vanilla shake.  I had a frisco melt, fries, cottage cheese (which I fed all of it to Bryton), and a strawberry shake.  With coupons we spent a whopping total of $14.50.  I didn't think that was too bad to feed 3 of us on a night out.  So that was deemed a success.
-We got home and watched a movie, Everybody's fine, with a free promo code from the Redbox.  I like free so that was good.  The movie, on the other hand, not recommended.  Kinda boring and sad. 
So, I guess the indulgence today was the shakes from Steak n' Shake.  I attempted it everywhere else but nothing else really nailed the 'indulgence' idea. 
So anyway, that was today.  Check back tomorrow to see how the big yard sale goes.  :) 
On another note... I'm considering doing my first give-away for my 100th blog.  Haven't decided yet what it is for sure that I'm going to give away, but I think I have an idea.  :)  You'll want to stay tuned for that one and be ready to sign up!  Blog 100 will be popping up in the next few days! 

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