Saturday, April 3, 2010

Girl's Retreat and Easter

Many of you know that the girl's retreat was the past two days.  Our group dwindled to 12 as of the time we left the parking lot, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed.  It's hard not to look at numbers sometimes, and we went from having more than 20 last year to having twelve this year.  I was slightly bummed. 
God made it obvious, though, that He was there to work specifically on the 12 of us who went.  We shared together, talked about our stories, how we are living them and who we are living for, we enjoyed each other and we deepened friendships. 
I thoroughly enjoyed all of the girls.  It was really a great time!  The Melting Pot was great.  Poor Linds had to eat like a rabbit thanks to her gluten allergy, so I don't know that she enjoyed it as much as she could have, but she said the chocolate made it worth it.  (And she got chick-fil-a later.  Thank God for gluten free fries!)
I find it to be no coincidence that our only time this year to have the girl's retreat is right before Easter.  What a great double dose of Jesus! 
We're excited about all of the normal Easter things, hunting eggs with B this year, I've got his Easter basket put together, having a nice Easter dinner with my family, etc.  More so, I'm excited that B will one day have the opportunity to have relationship with God through Jesus Christ's death and resurrection.  If there's something to be excited about that is definitely it! 
So I pray that if you do the 'bunny' he brings lots of goodies and fun to your household, but I pray even more fervently that he would bring to you the He who so lovingly and sacrificially gave Himself for you. 
Happy Easter.

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