Sunday, April 11, 2010

Proposal for a Teen Business

I worked at Taco Johns as a teenager.  Don't get me wrong, I still crave potato oles and my own special concoctions (it's interesting when I order at TJ's), and I have the expertise to make my own house dressing at home.  Ask me, it's easy and wonderful.  I did, however, spend a whole lot of Taco Tuesday's laaaate into the night cleaning up.  Lots of homework got pushed to the side, and, I unfortunately missed a bit of church here and there on Sundays.  The schedule wasn't beautiful.  
Now, I'm a parent and long past my TJ days.  I've had lots of different jobs and currently have lots of different needs.  One of those... babysitters. 
We are lucky enough to have amazing girls in our youth group who are wonderful sitters!  They have a lot of experience and are great with kids.  And, it never fails, we, as our last minute selves, are calling around a few hours before we 'get away' looking for a sitter.  And it all got me thinking... 
We need a babysitter's club in this town.  Here's my proposal:  (I've given this WAY too much thought)
- A group of teen girls (and boys?) willing to babysit.  
- They are certified in CPR / First Aid (a free class offered every year just to babysitters)
- They have a rate, whether hourly or per time or whatever.  I'm thinking, oh I don't know, $4 or $5 an hour with a minimum of $10.  (What girl wants to give up her night for you to be gone for one hour and pay her $5.  Not worth her time.)  I don't know about you, though, but sometimes I have no idea what to pay.  If you have more than one kid, maybe add $1.50 an hour.  (I told you I've thought about this a lot.) 
- The girls have loose schedules.  Okay, so they are hs students, hard to have a set schedule, but with a group of students 10 wide or so, you're bound to find someone available when you need them.  It's easier for us to make one phone call to one person who finds that available babysitter for you, though.  Maybe that "call to" person makes a % of the girl's sitting wages, for doing the booking.  And maybe that could rotate by month or something, so everyone has the chance at that extra income (and first dibs at babysitting jobs.)  
- And I like this one, of course.  How about a coupon system?  Even something as simple as a 'punch' card.  Use the babysitter's club 10 times and your next one is on us (4 hour maximum). 
I think in a town as small as ours they would thrive!  The ease of making one phone call, the certainty as to how much it cost, and getting to really know a good group of sitters is priceless!  
What do you all think?  

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  1. Casondra ChwarczinskiApril 13, 2010 at 2:26 PM

    I really like that idea! I too am a last minute person and we have missed out on lots of things because I couldnt find a babysitter! That would be to make it happen.