Friday, April 23, 2010

And Yes, The Tree Did Fall

How appropriate as the title of my blog is, "If a Tree Were to Fall," would these pictures be, as trees, two to be exact, fell yesterday at the Gregg household.  It was how we had planned for them to fall though, by chainsaw and planned landing, instead of the chaotic landing promised by storm.
These two trees were once towering over our home here in town, unfortunately on the side of the house where both of our bedrooms live, and, unfortunately, storms in Southern Illinois tend to only come in the middle of the night.  So of course, during every storm since we've lived in this house, I've lost a great amount of sleep wondering what fate would befall us if one of those trees would 'be-fallin' on us in the middle of the night.  Storms did not make for good dreams.
I can sleep better now knowing no trees will break into our house in bad weather.
It's funny, though.  We had the trees taking down on Earthday.  People probably think we are the anti-Christ's of the tree-huggers.  I guess I'll plant some flowers or something to make up for it.  The tree-cutter guy said we'd have grass on that part of our house now, and grass is green, so look, I'm going green and didn't even know it ;)
And I'll answer my own question about the trees a'fallin'.  We heard them, oh did we ever hear them.  We heard the big rumbly truck all day, which was actually kind of soothing, weird, huh.  Then we heard the vroooooo, vrooooom of the chainsaw sporatically, along with a random loud THUD when big pieces of trunk were hitting the ground.  At one point I looked outside after the house shook from a big thud thinking the whole tree had to be down, and I was shocked and surprised to see it was only about a 3 foot section of trunk.  Trees are apparently pretty heavy.
Good for B though, he slept three hours through the festivities, with the big bucket truck a literal arms length from his window.  Yet, we can step on a creaky board in the middle of the night and he stands up in his crib.  Crazy.
 This last picture shows Bryton's window and it's proximity to the tree.  Now put a big truck in between the tree and the house.  Exactly.
Be looking for 'cleaned up' pictures.  I'm excited! 

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