Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What It All Comes Down To

I want a deeply intimate connection with the God who created bees and trees the color turquoise.  I want to love Him greater than I love my husband, my son, and the beach.  I want my heart to flutter when I consider what His love for me must look like.  I want every deed, every task, and every activity to bring me closer and closer to the God who created me.  
I want to be able to cast aside theological hang - ups for the sake of intimacy with Christ.  I want passion to trump knowledge.  I want relationship to trump religion.  I want to stop learning about God and start getting to know God.  Jesus died to repair our relationship, to make way for a relationship to even happen, and if I'm just learning about God than Jesus died for nothing.  It's the relationship that matters, not knowledge alone.  
I want to step away from the steps that lead us to salvation, and I want to encourage people to fall in love with Jesus.  There's not a 3 step, 10 step or 12 step program for Christianity.  No.  It is Jesus commanding people to love God with all of their hearts, souls, minds and strengths.  If we love God with all that we are then we need not take any steps.  We have already made bounds.  Steps don't move mountains, but faith does, and I firmly believe that faith and love are quite closely intertwined.  
So I pray that every word I utter, every dream pursued, every lesson learned would all lead me nearer to the God who gave me brown hair and hazel eyes, and cast every star in the sky, that I would love Him more deeply as I become to know Him more intimately.  

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