Friday, April 30, 2010


Titus 2:4 shows us the importance of generations coming together to benefit the body of Christ.  I firmly believe there is much to learn from each other.  There is a great amount that the younger generations can learn from the older, and probably even a great wealth to be learned by the older generations from the younger.  I believe this is a reason God promotes unity so often.  We need to be unified to maximize our ministry as Christians and ambassadors for Christ.
So, out of this desire spawned BRIDGE.  I like the name of it because it's the game the older generations sit around and play over light conversation, and because I feel like our purpose right now needs to be to BRIDGE the gap between generations amongst our church.  There is so much to be learned from one another, there is so much encouraging to be done for one another, and to be quite frank, it's about time we start loving one another appropriately, empathizing, building up, and cheering for each other through all of life's valleys and mountains. 
Thus, I introduce BRIDGE.  Come check it out at 6:30 on Wednesday nights!

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