Sunday, April 4, 2010

Remember the Spirit Is

 At the time when we celebrate Easter, giving thanks for the Resurrection of Christ and the forgiveness of sins, I celebrate also the Spirit that lives within us, provides us with gifts and wisdom.  This Spirit is the Jesus that lives with us, the Spirit who never leaves us, the Spirit who can change us.  On this Resurrection Sunday I'm thankful for all of the trinity, though I understand it little.  This is for the Spirit within me.  (And God and Jesus I suppose, since they are one ;) It's been a long time since I've written in poetic verse.  Rusty, but it felt good. 

When the days are weary, the goings tough,
When the world's unsteady, the tide is rough,
When all in all you've had enough,
Remember the Spirit is. 

When dreariness makes for weeping eyes,
And the world still feeds a wealth of lies,
And no one's there to sympathize,
Remember the Spirit is. 

When shadows cast upon the morn,
And perfect lives, like cloth are torn,
And burdens upon us all adorn,
Remember the Spirit is.

The Spirit is amidst our pain,
Amidst our chaos, amidst our shame,
To carry us and heal the lame,
Remember the Spirit is.

When the sun is warm upon our soul,
And in our joy, all aglow,
Where all beauty within us flow,
Remember the Spirit is. 

When lovely days didst now appear,
One canst contain the wealth of cheer,
When facing life with little fear,
Remember the Spirit is.

The Spirit is amidst it all,
In any trial, triumph, fall,
One need not even have to call,
Remember?  The Spirit is. 


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