Monday, April 26, 2010

You Wouldn't Ever...

So, I firmly believe that most women deteriorate through the night.  We can go to bed looking like rockstars, but I'm pretty sure when we wake up most rocks are more appealing than we tend to be.  I don't know, maybe it's just me.  If so, I apologize to all the women who don't deteriorate through the night for lumping you in my starting statement.  I'm sorry.
Anyway, so I usually wake up with greasy hair and an oily face.  To be honest, I kind of gross myself out until I take a shower.  In fact, I almost bought some dry shampoo the other day (I'm actually still considering it), but I'm afraid that I'll still have the preconceived notion that my day will not be right if I don't bathe properly in the morning.  We shall see.
So my typical routine is, get up, go to the bathroom, check out the mirror to see what damage has been done while I was sleeping, hop in the shower and get to fixing.  You know, the hair has to be dried and fixed, the make-up has to be applied, the shirt has to be perfect, etc.  Me and the mirror are like this at about 7:30 in the a.m. 
 I don't leave it's view until all is well in the world of vanity.  (And keep in mind, folks, I'm not all that high maintenance.)  But I wouldn't ever roll out of bed in the morning, check out myself in the mirror and go "ehhh" and just walk away on to the rest of my daily activities.  In fact, even when I'm awful and sick I get up and shower if nothing else.  Why would I ignore what the mirror is telling me?  It's obviously not lying.  I wouldn't ever walk away without fixing myself, and I'm guessing you wouldn't ever do that either.
And yet the Bible is our mirror.  Many of us hear God's word at church or in a small group of some kind.  Some of us read it at home.  We see ourselves in the mirror that is God's word and it convicts us of sin and crap in our lives.  Sometimes it convicts us because of something we are not doing.  Yet many of us put down the mirror and walk on through our daily activities as if we'd never seen the greasy hair and blemishes, the ratty shirt and bags under our eyes.  We don't care, and we're too lazy to fix it. 
What needs fixing in your spiritual life today?

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