Sunday, April 11, 2010

Budgeting = Cheerful Giving

There were a lot of things I expected to come from this budgeting adventure we're on.  We're still working out all of the kinks that come up here and there, but the 'financial peace' (okay, the pun is kind of intended), that comes with knowing that we have bills taken care of when they get here is, well,  a huge weight off the shoulders of our family.  
Aside from this financial peace we've found we are being able to undertake projects we didn't think we'd be able to (the basement), we've been able to buy items we didn't expect to be able to afford, and, well, I've found a hobby, ah hem, addiction, that I really kind of enjoy.  It's made me feel like I do something worthwhile in our household.  It adds value to the little bit of income I do bring into our home, and that feels good. 
But being on a budget has done something else for me (I can only speak for myself).  It has allowed me to understand what it feels like to be a 'cheerful giver.'  Since I've been a Christian  have always tithed most of the time... and usually 10%.  There were always the times I just didn't know that I could go without those funds, or at least not all of those funds, so I did what I thought I could do.  
Well, the budget allows us to know what we can do, and we can do 10% as a tithe, and we can do more towards our church's building fund, on top of the World Vision child that we sponsor.  Being on a budget removes the doubt that we won't be able to make ends meet.  Being on a budget means the tithe and offering money is 'gone' before it is ever really there, which really, makes me cheerful to put it in the offering plate.  Today was our first fruits Sunday for our finances towards our building fund, and I actually teared up, joyfully, to put that check in the offering plate.  
It's amazing.  If we are good stewards with our finances, like God commands us to be, then we are more likely to be cheerful givers, which God also asks of us.  It's amazing how if we are obedient in one area it aids the obedience in another. 
That's all for tonight!

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