Saturday, April 10, 2010

Some New Deals

It's really sad when I have to look in my inbox to see what I have coming from items I've ordered this week.  I'm finding this couponing thing to allow us to have money to be able to get good deals, so every week seems like Christmas with all of the free or almost free stuff showing up at my house.  So, here's the scoop:
This week in my mail I received:
1.  This shirt from New York and Company.  I came upon a $10 off any purchase coupon, which made this shirt (on clearance for $7.48) free to my door.  
2.  I also received a Potty Training DVD from Huggies.
You can go Here to get yours!

3.  I also received my FREE photo book from Pixable!  This is going to be a "brag book" for Gammy for Mother's day!

This week I ordered:
1.  A glider from  Here was the deal I got on it. 
     I noticed the deal on my friend Brooke's handy blog Brooke's Bargains.  The Glider was on rollback for $50.  (And the reviews on it are great!)  Aaron and I have also been thinking about preordering the new Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the Wii, and in quest to make my Glider bargain better (you've gotta look or you'll never know!), I found that if you preorder this video game you received a $20 egift card for  Hardy har ;)  So, we have the video game preordered and this here rocker for right at $80! (I also almost purchased a crib from her website the next day!  You should check it out!) Also, you can score the video game deal here!
2.  I ordered a free Veggietale DVD here, and I paid only $2.99 to get it to my door.  This will probably make it into a shower gift basket before the summer's over.  Lots of babies coming!

3.  I have rocked my own socks off planning a baby shower for one of my BFF's, Shelly.  :)  I think she appreciates my bargain hunting so when her shower is over I'll list all of the awesome deals I've accumulated.  I'll put it this way... I've got three HUGE free deals this week that will cover the most expensive parts of shower planning!  Look for that blog in May! 

4.  I scored a Rachael Ray magazine subscription for one year for $3.99 for a birthday coming up.  Check out The Thrifty Couple to see how I pulled that off. 

5.  And lastly, this week, my Mother's Day this year is going to be accompanying Aaron to his IBSA golf outing and taking advantage of the Spa while he golfs.  I wanted to find the best deal to feel like I was getting my money's worth.  The spa is offering a card (a $20 purchase) that offers you 6 discounts: 25% off of your most expensive service, 30% off the next expensive, 35% off the next expensive, etc, all the way to 50% off.  You don't have to use the card all in the same day, but being that it's not totally close I'm making a whole day of it.  After services were booked my itinerary is a 50 minute full body massage, a facial, a spa french manicure and spa pedicure, with huge percentages off of all of my services!  I'm very excited, and very much looking forward to it! 

Well that was the big things this week!  I get so excited to tell you about them!
Check back soon for more, non-couponing blogs!

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