Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Any Thoughts?

It never fails, at least once a year I'm asking myself what I'm going to do for some kind of employment.  I guess it's what I get for substitute teaching and being so comfortable doing it.  I really enjoy being home with Bryton occasionally, though.  They are only young once. 
Of course, summer does roll around and when it does that always opens up my schedule completely.  This year is no different.  Here I sit trying to brainstorm, again, another way to help supplement our income (this time for our basement ;) until school is in again.  
I need something somewhat flexible so that I can take the week off for summer camp this year.  Besides that I'm pretty good.  I'd love to watch a kid / some kids.  That would make for good summer work.  
Ultimately, I'd love to make a living blogging and writing.  I wonder how difficult it'd be to publish a book or 12 ;) 
Any thoughts on supplementing income?  Know any kids who need watching?  

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