Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just a Few Savings I Haven't Told You About

Well, as many of you know, my couponing no longer stops at groceries.  Here are some other things I've done recently:
- Joined and received $10 off my first order, as well as received a rebate from Parenting magazine for $14.97.  All in all it made 6 Jumbo packs of diapers $35!  Woo Hoo!
- Bought two shirts from Aeropostale for a gift for our nephew with a coupon I received in my email.  The coupon was for $10 off any purchase (no minimum).  I skimmed the clearance racks, found two cool t-shirts, and my entire total, including tax, after the coupon was .75!  Again, woo hoo! 
- Found a New York and Company coupon for $10 off any purchase.  Since our NY&Co went out of our dying mall, I had to shop online, which means I had to pay shipping :( Boo.  But, I got a new cami shirt and a tube of chapstick (I had to get my total over $10 to use the coupon) for $8 to my door. 
- Joined Kodak photo online and received a photo book, which I plan on using as part of a Mother's Day gift for one of our moms, for $1.99 shipped to my door. 
- Joined Tropicana's web program with incentives and received 2 B1G1 free coupons, and I'm not racking up more points with the free OJ's entering our house.  
- Ordered, for myself, All You magazine (packed FULL of coupons).  The on sale price was $19.97 (this is cheap for this mag), ordered it through Bing and received $3.20 cashback!  
- It was time to upgrade my phone (this one is kind of a given but it was free so I had to add it).  I'm fighting the data plan revolution.  I think if I've lived without it this long I can go a while longer.  I got a phone that did not require a data package, and one that was, of course, free.  My new LG Cosmos arrived today (found a coupon for free overnight shipping), it is programmed and ready to go.
Well, keep checking back.  I've been shocked at some of the deals I've found!  
I missed a Toys R Us deal on B1G1 DVD's the other day.  Oh well, new deals coming out all the time! :) 
Until next time! 

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  1. Your All You will pay for itself :) It is an ok read but I honestly just subscribe to it for the coupons! It seems they have a $2 one for Nivea in about every issue and it has been my favorite body wash and lotion as of late.