Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Thing I'm Forming an Addiction

Some people do drugs, some drink alcohol, some have affairs or do high-risk, adrenalin rushing activities.  Me?  I coupon.  
I really believe I'm becoming an addict.  I'm not kidding.  I've spawned this new excitement everytime I go grocery shopping.  Most times I leave stores with this 'high' or 'excitement.  On the same hand, though, when I have to buy things, any things, at 'regular' price it almost makes me throw up a little. 
See, the couponing addiction started with grocery shopping, and just with printing coupons.  Then, it grew into printing coupons and loading some on my shopping card as well.  Then, it spawned into couponing and researching the sale ad to meal plan for the best bang for my buck.  
Then I started looking up coupons for clothing, entertainment, houseware items, toiletries, shoes.  You name it!  Today, I filled out a survey for $2 off of our next Taco John's experience.  
The girl who used to be ashamed of coupons is gone and this new, out of control, money saving lunatic has taken her place!
Now my opinion is, 'if you can buy something at a cheaper price for the sacrifice of a little bit of work, why wouldn't you?'  Duh, it's like common sense, right?  
So now I frequent SEVERAL couponing and budgeting blogs, usually everyday.  It doesn't take much of my time but I often find good deals and good ideas.  
I enjoy the rush of feeling like I got a good deal.  I think it's the same rush people get when they rob stores, except mine is even better because I've done it legally :)  
At least my addiction currently HELPS our family rather than hindering it! :) 
Until next time!


  1. yeah, you COULD have an addiction to finding coupons FOR alcohol or otc drugs. hahaha.

    i wish i could make myself make more time for this. i went to walgreen's today to save time and i had to spend almost six bucks for an 18 pack of tampons. let me tell you, that is something that for more than one reason i hate buying. those things are expensive!

  2. NOOOO kidding! Hopefully you won't be buying those soon ;)