Monday, March 1, 2010

Spring as a Spiritual Analogy

Today when I was putting laundry away I seriously thought about putting away my winter clothes. Crazy, right? Well, this weather is enough to make a person completely stir crazy, and if willing the spring to come by freezing my fanny off is the only way to make it happen, well, by golly, freeze I will.

Now, I didn’t end up putting the winter clothes away just yet. I hate being cold too much. The one day of warm weather we had was enough of a tease to get me thinking sundresses and flip flops, though. I actually bought my first pair of flip flops this year last Thursday. I know, pathetic, right? It really cannot get here soon enough. The grass, the sun, the flowers, the warmth... I am so ready.

And every year while I’m stuck inside going out of my mind I start thinking about our seasons and how much they represent our faith, especially the transition from winter to spring!

Winter is dark and dry for the most part. Sure, you get some snow and rain here and there, but the air is dry, the earth is dry, and my hands are dry. All sign of tree life lay brown and crumpled on the ground... more proof of death. Some animals hibernate during this time of year. It keeps them alive, but it’s the closest they come to dying without actually doing it. Almost all outside vegetation dies for the winter. It is like spiritually being dry, dead, asleep.

Then the spring comes. The rain comes to moisten everything up again. With the moisture and warmth of the sun (or Son) life is reborn. Grass turns green again. Leaves appear on trees. Flowers blossom in every color of the rainbow. Animals come out of hibernation, back to life. It seems as if the world is reborn... rejuvenated, brought to life. It surprises me none that we celebrate Easter at the time in our country where it seems as if all of life is lush and vibrant. No better time to celebrate our lives in the newness of Christ, and most importantly, His resurrection from the dead.

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