Thursday, March 18, 2010

Crazy Hectic Time

For those of you who are tired of hearing about budgeting blogs, this changes the subject for at least a day.  (Hmmmm, well, at least a moment... I did GREAT at Kroger this morning so I'll mention that before I go ;) ) 
For those of you who don't know, this is the time of year for our annual girl's retreat in the youth ministry.  Last year was rejuvenating, it'd been so long since I was able to do it (from being on the road) that I was super excited for it!  (Not to mention getting some sleep.  My being away with 20 teenage girls earned me more sleep than being at home with one 4 month old ;) )
This year is no different.  We have fewer girls this year, which I wasn't thrilled about, but I think it may be a little more intimate.  We are staying at Aaron's parent's house in St. Louis to keep the cost of lodging down, and this year the girl's get to go to the Melting Pot and ice skating.  (Not to mention shopping.  That's always requested.)  
I've been planning and replanning it seems like for the past 2 weeks.  I had my lessons written and God changed my direction, so I'm currently re-writing.  I had room assignments made up, and now I'm changing those as people change.  I've had a couple new additions and I've had a few back out... and as I write I'm still racking my brain for another chaperone.  Currently, our chaperones are so few that we cannot legally be driven to STL.  I have to figure this one out.  I have some people checking schedules though, praying they work out!  
I spent the evening the other night packing the girl's bags, I'm currently getting their shirts made... oooohhhh the progress :) 
And none-the-less, I'm sure something will be forgotten, but we will manage.  It is all very exciting!
Now, for the amazing deals I got this morning.  (I went at 7:00 when Kroger opened, because I just got all of my coupons for this specific deal together and I was afraid they'd be 'out' of these items by the time I got there this afternoon.  Pathetic, I know.  I'm an addict remember? ;) )

So here's how I worked it.  I had to do two transactions because both were participating in the march to savings event that Kroger is now running (buy 8 participating items and get $4 off your total).  This event plus coupons made for a very happy Alicia.  

Transaction # 1
1- 2 Liter Cherry Coke - Normally $1.29 / .79 after event rebate
1- 2 Liter Sprite - Normally $1.29 / .79 after event rebate
1 Box Wheat Thins - Normally 2.49 / 1.99 after event / $1 off coupon = .99
1 bag Frito Lay BBQ Chips - Normally 2.79 / 2.37 after event rebate
2 Jugs Motts Apple Juice - Normally 3.49 each / .99 each after event rebate
2 Jars Planters Peanuts - Normally 3.99 each / 1.99 each after event rebate and Kroger savings / 2 - 1.50 coupons made each .49!

Total for Transaction #1 with all sales and rebates:  $12.16
Percentage of Savings: 52%

Transaction #2
1 box Kroger Brand Garlic Toast (not on sale.... BOO)
1 Sara Lee Cherry Pie - 3.49 / 2.99 after event rebate / $1 off coupon = 1.99
1 Sara Lee Dutch Apple Pie - 3.49 / 2.00 after event rebate / $1 off coupon = 1.99
4 Boxes Ronzoni Pasta (healthy harvest and smart taste) = 1.25 / .75 after event / 1 - 1.00 off two coupon and 2 - .75 off one coupons made each box = .13
2 Jars Classico Pasta Sauce - 1.99 normally / .99 with event / $1.00 off 2 coupon

Total for Transaction #2 with all sales and rebates:  $8.47
Percentage of Savings:  69%

All products totaled on normal price would have cost ~ $52.00 
In total I spent:  $20.63


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