Saturday, March 6, 2010

How Do Mom's Work Full Time?

Sometimes I firmly believe that I could do it... of course, I'm certain I could do it when our kids get in school, but sometimes I am crazy enough to believe I could do it now. Then, life happens and I realize how impossible it seems.
For example... welcome week one of March. Bryton starts Sunday with this little wheezy cough that effects him mostly at night time, Monday it's a little more severe, Tuesday I have a kid with a runny nose, fever, and who is totally fussy, and Wednesday we find out he had a double ear infection. Rosey.
SO - since I sub, I was already scheduled for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week. Aaron was nice enough to stay home Wednesday, but said he couldn't do it Thursday, he had work, so I stayed home Thursday.
May I also mention that Thursday I began feeling scratchiness in my own throat and my ears getting plugged up.
Friday I was able to work because Aaron is normally off on Friday. So I went to school, scratchy throat, stuffy ears and all. Not a huge deal because I didn't feel awful.
That is, until today. So, now my goal is, since I'm working Monday, get me better, Bryton better (he's fever free and has been for several days so technically he can go to the sitter, but I don't want to send him feeling awful) and everyone in 'working' condition for next week's work week. So someone explain to me, how do parents juggle full time jobs without taking off of work constantly for their kids illnesses and then their own? I just don't get it.
You know what else I don't get? I've been waiting since December for warm weather, and now that it's here, I can't enjoy it. Grrrrr....


  1. strep has been going around the kindergarten and first grade building in cdale. i think this changing weather is knocking a lot of people off their feet in a bad way.

    as far as juggling...i'm hoping to find out soon. i know it will be heartbreaking to work while i know our baby is at a babysitter's, but with justin in school, it's just how our family will (hopefully!) have to work for a time.

    i hope you all get in better health soon.

  2. Yep that is what I struggle with. I guess it is just something that you deal with when you have to. When I was part-time in private practice, it was easy - if it was a day I was scheduled to work, then Shawn knew he had to take off. Now, working 30 hours a week, it isn't so simple. And oh how I would love simplicity!

  3. I had to call in again today... this time for me. It's just so hard when B is sick because he can't and shouldn't go to the sitter, but I always feel as if my job is "less important", though it seems more difficult to take off from. I don't know how to balance it...

  4. One word describes how I feel trying to do it all and feeling like I fail at everything - trapped!

  5. when you HAVE to do it like i do, God blesses you with special people who just show up out of nowhere and help. we absolutely CAN'T live on one salary right now between the four of us and a little dog who costs me anywhere from 200 to 400 a month in allergy shots! i guess i dont worry about it because thus far, He has just taken care of it...i dont know if it is just me being stupid and NOT worrying or if maybe my faith has grown this past year...i hope its the latter:)