Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The American Dream of the 21st Floor

I love warm fall nights, hometown football games, really being able to borrow a cup of sugar from your neighbors, and even the 'everybody knows everybody' side of small town living. So, this is not a complaint. (I had to preface with this because, honestly, I currently am happier, yes, happy, it's circumstantial, I know, than I've been in a long time. That means happy in the small - town environment that I've always known, living in an average house, with an average dog, with no white picket fence.)
On that note, let me welcome you into my fantasy world. I love the city. I have this infatuation with sky scrapers and strips of restaurants, Starbucks on the corner, the baseball stadium blocks away, and the river six blocks east. I have this fantasy of living in a nice suburb with a nice backyard, commuting to work everday, working in a large downtown building, on the 21st floor, with a corner office of course. (It's a fantasy, remember? A girl can dream.)
I see myself as a professional, in a good pair of heels, a pencil skirt, a well tailored button-down, tucked just perfectly into that pencil skirt. I am the modern, young professional. Classy.
Maybe I work as a journalist for a magazine. Yes, that's it! I'm a columnist even.
I see myself skipping out of work a couple hours early to change and get to the ballgame. I see myself going in early, because I am so excited about an article.
I guess it's true. Even people who believe there is much more to aspire for in life than the American Dream innately have an American Dream of their own.
Quite frankly, I'm living a dream, and I just happen to be in America. Sure, I'd love to get to write for a big magazine someday. I'd even take a short stint working in a sky scraper somewhere... but having an amazing family, financially making ends meet, and most importantly, getting to serve Jesus right where I am in exactly the capacity I have been able to, well, that's quite a dream.
I'll be honest, there are times I wish I could freelance for the Evening Call again. It was a short period of my life, but I enjoyed the feature article writing, meeting new people, and being able to get paid to write. I think I'd do the job much better part time rather than full time at this point in my life, but I loved having the opportunity to write about the extraordinary experiences of people around me. (I would be lying if I also didn't mention how much I loved hearing that people appreciated my articles.)
I guess you don't have to be on the 21st floor to have a great view of life.

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  1. the river? surely you don't mean st. louis. that place passed detroit a few years ago with crime. granted, detroit passed them back, but still. ;)

    and your feet would hurt from those heels. i have to dress up for work (no heels, i have to navigate stairs), and i love nothing better than to get home and put on pjs! haha!