Thursday, September 15, 2011

Video Monitors

Here's a non - moving related post.

We are a "put 'em down" kind of family when it comes to sleeping.  In other words - we don't rock our kids like crazy, read 10 books and sing 4 songs before bed.  Not knocking the people that do, we just don't have time.

AND - we have our opportunity to snuggle with our kids when their sleeping isn't a requirement.

So - though our kids have both 'fallen asleep on us' from time to time - something we don't get to see very often is our babies in their most peaceful place... sleep.

And then - we discovered the invention of the video monitor.  Actually - I discovered it when visiting a dear friend when she was pregnant with twins - trying to juggle that and her one year old.  The concept of being able to see what your almost toddler was doing when they were supposed to be napping intrigued me!  There have been many times Aaron and I have looked at each other and said, "What do you think he's doing in there?"

It was during that trip that video monitors seemed less like a luxury and more like something we could really utilize!  Especially with another baby on the way (I was pregnant at the time).  I mean - we had to make sure B wasn't throwing things at his baby sibling in the night.

So for the shower - we got a baby video monitor - thanks to dear friends, that is.  And we tried it out on B - and we loved it!  It was amazing getting to see what he was doing, and more amazing to see the sweet little guy sleep (seriously, when have you heard me say that about my toddler on a rampage? :)

And then Ans came along, and as I write this I watch her sweet breaths, can see her little movements, and every night before I go to bed I turn the video on and 'check' on her one last time before I go to bed myself. 

It is a needed thing - but it is luxurious, to be able to peak in on my baby at any point I want... to see her little chest rise and fall, like my own personal pampers commercial or something :)

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