Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I May Have Developed Adult ADD

Oh my poor brain.  I cannot focus for the life of me.  I get thinking of one thing, then immediately I'm thinking of something that needs to be done, something I'm thankful for, something I need to tell Aaron, etc, etc, etc.


It's tiring at the end of the day.  I need a brain cleanse... so here it is... random thoughts for the last Wednesday in September.  Here we go:

Side note - I just had to pause this blog long enough to tend to some business that invaded my brain... see what I mean, I can't concentrate on anything!

/First/ I can't wrap my head around the idea that we're 12 hours from where 'home' was.  Maybe it's because I flew down with the kids, but last night I spent about a half hour outside watching the planes fly in (and out - which we see a lot of those here) thinking how different the sky looks here, how different the grass feels on my feet, and how rare it was to see one of those planes flying overhead back 'home' (if I can even call it that anymore).  I think I was trying to make myself realize how far we really are.

And it still hasn't come. 

/Second/ We've still not found the charger for the camera, so I still have no pictures.  And to be quite honest, I'm not handling it well.  Ansley's up and rocking on her hands and knees, ready to take off crawling, and I am so unprepared for the day it happens.  Have to get on that charger (or my new 'good' camera) stat! 

/Third/ Had a great playdate with other moms this morning at one of the many great parks down here.  There are going to be so many opportunities with kids here that I'm excited to see them get involved in life.  The play date was great for Bryton to play with the kids, be outside and exert some energy - and it was great for me to get to hang out with some other moms from the church.  To have just moved, I'm really excited about the church right now... about the people, the teaching, the activity, etc.  It's a much different experience than we are used to, but I think it's going to be a good different. 

/Fourth/ Um, can you say, "totally stoked for halloween," because I can!!!  I know, I know, many of you are probably saying, "OK, this girl doesn't do Santa, but she'll do halloween?!"  And I reply with, "Yes, yes we do."  (And clarify that I'll totally tell my kids about St. Nick and the fictional character of Santa that came from him, so of course I'll let us dress up as fictional characters for Halloween!  Oh - and yes, I said, 'Us." ;) ) Our theme this year?  May as well go with what the kids (ahem - both of them) are loving best right now... Mickey!  SO - Bryton will be Mickey Mouse, Ansley is Minnie, and it's looking like I may end up as Daisy and Aaron as Goofy.  Not Donald - because, well, let's face it, I'm lucky he'll agree to dress up anyway - but as a duck in a sailor outfit, probably not going to happen... (and I can't say that I blame him).

/Fifth/ It's amazing how such small things can make a person feel so much at home... for example:  Pumpkin Marshmallow and Pumpkin Roll burning in my Scentsy warmers, sleeping in our own beds, and being able to tuck Bryton in, watching our favorite shows on television (though that happens about once a week), and being able to put things in their 'spots'.  Things have spots!  (That could be a Dr. Seuss book.) And God saw that it was good.

So - those are just a few of my favorite things right now...

Now... we need to get a windshield repaired, get the cars registered and titled in the state, work on reworking our auto insurance, grocery shop, pay bills, mail things for a Scentsy party, etc etc etc.

I'm not overwhelmed, really.



  1. I love you.
    And miss you.
    I hope you already knew both of those!

    Sounds like you guys are in the "nestling" season, and can't wait til you find your swing again (and your camera charger!). Hearing (reading?? lol) your excitement and peace with the church brings us peace. We're SO thankful for that, and for how God will bless you and use you down yonder. :)

  2. So where at in Texas did you end up? Because I'm 8hrs from St. Louis, which means you're 4 hours from me? And if that's the case I think we need a road trip... ;)