Thursday, September 8, 2011

An Af'fair' - The Kids are the Cake

There are just some things you don't really experience until you experience it through the eyes of your children.  Our state fair resides in our home town for all of ten days at the end of August and beginning of September.  Fair food makes it a magical time of the year where calories don't matter and the smell of corn dogs, kabobs, and gyros fill the air and layer themselves with fried twinkies, oreos and cheesecake.  Ahhh, extra pounds of bliss.  Pure bliss, I tell you. 

And this year Bryton could really enjoy the fair.  He could really experience it, and you know, for the first time we really experienced it to.  Little did I know this entire time we were just having the icing, the fair through the kids' eyes was the cake. 

Here's a little taste:

  Miss Ans Mak Hanging out with Mom before the parade.  Ya know?  The parade.  This is before heathens took over.  Just sayin'.
Ans and daddy - daddy guarding and protecting from the sun's dangerous rays.  I love the umbrella in his glasses!

Ok - you can't visit the state fair in this here farm state and not sit on a tractor or twelve. 

 B and his Gaga. 

 Look at that precious face... we ate fair food, she ate her monkeys, it's all good.

 B's first. ride. ever.  A bulldozer.  We thought it was appropriate after the tractor ridin' we did previously.
 And this would win all time favorite ride award... the helicopters.  We are still asked to go 'ride the heldicopters.'
 Every boy loves a big truck... even one that says 'Rubber Duck'
Awww, good to the last bite, which B typically was the one to enjoy.  Makes every penny worth it.  

Great.  Now I'm craving another elephant ear.  Man, those things are good. 


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