Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pinterest and Creative Juices

Well - as if I didn't have enough ill-focused creative juices (you know - the going to blogs and saying, "Man, I wish I could do that," kind of thing), I've bit the bullet and joined Pinterest.  And for real - I have 100 things currently that I'm wanting to do.  I'll never satisfy it all.  I may be that mom that repaints her kids' rooms 12 times throughout the year.  Ok, I'm not big on painting, so maybe not, but still. 

But to say I'm loving it would be an understatement.  There's flowers I want to make, decor I want to create, recipes I want to try, oh buddy, my family is in for it. 

And so dear friends, if I can ever direct this energy, I'll have some funness for you coming soon... starting with some pictures and a header for this here blog.  Been pretty boring here lately, and I do apologize, but give me a couple of days and I'll be able to fill you in as to why, and it shall be boring no longer... at least for a little while. 

BTW - My wonderful in-laws (who have tons of stuff they always try to give to us, to which we normally decline) offered us their piano and a roll - top desk, to which I said, "Heck ya, we want those!"  And to say that I'm more than a little stoked would be an understatement.  I want piano lessons for the kiddos (if they are interested of course), shoot, I'd take piano lessons for myself if I thought I had it in me at my age to learn, and I'm more than a little excited to have a soon to be place for my creative churning at a desk and not just on the arm of my couch!  Hello reading, writing and... err.. crafting!

So - while they were giving stuff away I asked if my mil had a sewing machine or bread maker she wanted to get rid of.  Both! Score! ;)  Thanks momma! :)

So - I'm sure you'll learn more about those adventures soon!



  1. I'm with you on all of 'dat! I would love to retake piano, and have my kids play. Woohoo for the bread and sewing machine!

  2. Oh score on all that fun stuff! Craig and I have been talking about a piano, cause we'd love for the kids to learn. I want to learn pretty badly too, but also think I may be getting old--if you ever think you'll take the plunge, I'll be a support partner, haha. :)
    Amen to the Pinterest addition. I haven't decided if all the cool do-it-yourself ideas are actually going to SAVE me money or not, lol. :)

  3. love pinterest. i'm going to attempt to make sam's halloween costume with my (also freebie) sewing machine...looking for ideas on there!

    you two are not too old to learn the piano! it's easy to learn. (not that easy to be really good at though, lol, which i am not.) i had lessons for 5 years and have been wanting to get one and get back into it. for now i have a keyboard and i'm going to try to learn some new songs...we shall see how it works out!