Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Mini Vent Day

I am totally type A.  Like, everything I own must have a spot and must return to it's spot once the day is over.  I relish in cleanliness and organization.  (I'm not OCD, I promise.)

And I've just about had it - I can feel my last straw tattering.  6 weeks I've been packing this house little by little... which means 6 weeks we've gone without certain things, we've had things 'out of place', and we've been adding to the mess that has become our house. 

I've not been able to clean properly.  Boxes have taken over.  I can't have the calm, that sigh, that comes with a put together place.  It's made me edgy - edgy with my husband, edgy with my kids, and I'm pretty sure part of our allergies - if the outside isn't enough - has come from the stirring of dust that hasn't been cleaned for the past several weeks because I can't get to it to clean it.

I really want to scream a little.  I'm going insane in this house.  I'm ready to be unpacked completely, for good, settling in our new home... but that could easily be months down the road.  And though I'm totally stoked that our house is selling to make that sooner than later, the thought of doing this all again in a few months drives me all the more crazy right now.  WHAAAAAAH!

Phew.  I don't vent often, and I needed that. 

I promise I'll be more positive next time...



  1. Bless your heart. I *loathe* packing, and the unorganized mess that it all is. So, I feel ya. Hope your new normal comes quickly!

  2. ((hug))
    I can't imagine--moving from the BCM with just the two of us was a headache--I'm not looking forward to the day we have to move 3 of us into a real house. Praying for grace for you though! SOOO thankful for you about the house--when we heard, we nearly screamed. I told Craig, "Nothing says 'Go here' like your house selling faster than any other in our county"!