Friday, September 2, 2011

People to... Family Circle?

It's funny how life changes and priorities change, and even preferences. 

Just the other day I wrote about how enjoyable it is to pack the kids up and go some place like the State Fair, or an apple orchard, or a museum.  I can remember when I felt like those things would be so burdensome, and it's obvious I had no idea what joy kids would bring to my life. 

And today - as I was shuffling through a magazine (something I thoroughly enjoy doing) I had to laugh at myself.  Granted, I'm not a real subscriber yet, just getting a couple free issues to try out, but I found myself shuffling through Family Circle.  Bahaha!  When did I become that mom?  

But you know what?  I enjoy it!  I enjoy every last recipe, I enjoy every last tip to decorate for a great halloween party (yes, folks, this Christian family can enjoy some orange and black and spidery funness while clad in some superhero - or in our case this year - Mickey Mouse - costumes), and I enjoy every last bit of parenting lore.  I love it.  

And so - in my 26ishness (since I'm almost 27) - I'll say that I'm more than happy that I've graduated from People and Ok! and moved on to Parents, Parenting, Family Circle and All You.  It's amazing how changing my magazines have taken my focus off of me (the other magazines I was reading was making me way materialistic) and put my focus on others (who could I invite to that Halloween party?, I wonder if my family would enjoy this meal, maybe I can bake those cookies with Bryton and we can give them to a neighbor... you get the drift.) 

Another kid related change I'd never replace.  


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