Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Last weekend / week in IL

Life is nuts right now.  On top of moving and surviving the packing part of life, 3 of the 4 of us are allergy suffering with the best of them.  Apparently St. Louis is ranked number 9 in the country for the cities with the most severe fall allergies.  It's annoying.  Very, very annoying.  We're praying that Texas will have some better allergy conditions for us, but if not, we're assuming it's time to visit an allergist.  Here to prove my allergy point is a picture intended just to show you what our youngest has learned to do - sit up on her own - but notice the watery puffy eyes.  Poor child.  At least the oldest can have some allergy medication daily - now, whether it helps or not is another story.

Speaking of the oldest - check out this fine specimen of a male! :)  This isn't an 'I have to pee' dance.  No, it's actually his "nooooo" (said with a whiny almost three year old voice) because I was trying to get him to put my kickboxing gloves back on to take a picture.  He did immediately after this picture was taken.  And notice the clothing.  I was having an early morning yard sale and so he threw on his snow boots and a long sleeved shirt over his pjs to come see me.  Classic.

 Speaking of "almost 3" - we had a pre-birthday party for our sweet baby boy last weekend for the sake of him really knowing the people there and being able to have grandparents there to celebrate.  We were supposed to have it at the slides - errrr, park - but lousy weather moved it inside.  Good thing Aaron has connections at the Skating Rink he used to own!  It was a very fun, very memorable day!

As is only appropriate - Bryton's 3rd birthday party became a reflection of him and his number 1 tv fetish - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Our local cake lady did an amazing job.  (And we are still eating on it... I'm going to weigh 200 pounds, seriously.  Good thing loser starts tonight to start convicting me again.)

And here is 'birthday boy' with his ears on - well, Mickey's ears on.  And a sucker.  This kid loves suckers.  His dental bills later on in life will reflect it, because, let's face it... his suckers shouldn't be called 'suckers' - they should be called 'crunchers' because that's exactly what he does.  Makes me cringe to even think about it. 

So there ya go - that's the update as of today. 

More than a little bit crazy to think that in three days, this house that I currently sit in will no longer be our 'home'. 

Still not able to wrap my head around this yet...



  1. So much to fit in so little time! I hear ya on the allergy stuff. We've been partaking of "the crud" for the past week. I'm done with it, ugh!

  2. Yes! Having a cold is one thing, when you know in 3-5 days you'll be feeling better! They are saying these allergies could last until the END of October. I may cut my head off by then, just saying.