Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday Randomness

Things here in our household have been sheer craziness.  Really.  They have. 

There's more going on that I can even articulate right at this moment, but a good ole fashioned vomit my brain out blog seemed appropriate for partial cleansing at the moment, so here it goes :)

You know how I was talking about that Halloween party yesterday?  I'm totally gonna have one.  Yep, I'm all about family traditions in this family, and by golly, how fun would it be to have a 'bless your neighborhood' get together with some good ole fashioned fun?  I'm talkin' smores and apple bobbin' and the whole 9 yards. 

On a somewhat related note, I remember when we had a bonfire at my house when I was in girl scouts and my mom made us play this horrible game with licorice and marshmallows, and two girls stood on either end of the licorice, didn't use their hands, ate their way to the middle and the first to the marshmallow 'won'.  Man - times of changed.

Like I said, mental vomit.

On a lazy note - for those of you who know me, I watch very little tv.  In fact - there are few shows that I'd give up much computer time for (ya know, if you can only do one, well, I'd rather talk to you like this, usually).  However, besides the occasional Pawn Stars or American Pickers (the hubs and I are antiquies in some other life I think) I wait urgently for new seasons of The Biggest Loser and the 'after TBL show', Parenthood, to come back.  And we are only weeks away, folks, weeks away.

Seriously - having a once a week show is a good thing for me.  Dumb to some, but some days it's nice to be able to go, "the day has been long, but TBL is on tonight."

So I'm a little stoked about that.

And Ansley - 6 months... today.  A half of a stinkin' year.  Someone explain to me how that happens so fast?  So we're working on the sitting up thing - which she's still pretty wobbly at, and I'm, once again, doing the comparison thing, wondering why she's not scooting around on the floor yet (though she can get to what she wants within a 4 foot radius or so), and now I'm going through the exact same questions I did with B, "When do I start finger foods, should we be doing second foods, sippy cups, etc etc etc."  I think you'd have to have 100 kids before it became second nature.  And you and I (and my husband) know I won't be having 100 kids, and probably not even 3, so I just have to figure her out now...

So be expecting some 6 month pictures soon!  I'm determined to wait to have them taken with her until she's sitting up well on her own.  Which means she may actually be 7 months, we'll see.

On another kid note - remember Mercier Meyer (I'm not even sure I spelled that right)?  You know, the author guy, that, if you were like me, teachers read all of his books to you as a kid?  I bought some for B through a book order back in the day when I worked in the school system, and Aaron loathes them.  Nope, I don't know that loathe is a strong enough word.  Hates in a bold, cap-lock, large font kinda way may better describe it. 

I couldn't figure out why until I heard him 'reading' the book to B the other day (this book was I Was So Mad).  It went something to the effect of, "I wanted to build a rocket and ride it to the moon, but dad said (and here is my husband's paraphrase) No, son, there's no space program anymore, you can never do that.  Let me shatter and crush all of your dreams."  I was so mad."

So apparently he thinks it's a dream crushin' book for little children.  Guess I'm gonna take that out of the bedtime reading arsenal for the sake of peace and wonderment in the world ;)

And the last really random thought I'll leave you with:  first big trip with two kids is this weekend.  Say a prayer and I'll give you details later ;)


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  1. bahahaha. so when bryton wants to put frogs in the bathtub, i hope aaron lets him. ;)

    and i have already told sam he can be anything he wants, except an astronaut. lol.