Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gettin' More Structure

One thing I've learned - when everything around you is changing, if routine can stay the same and be consistent, there is much comfort in it. 

Bryton napped yesterday without fussing or getting up or throwing a fit.   Proof in the puddin' right there.

And so - I'm not out to plan every second of every day... but Bryton and I are getting ready to get a lot more structured around here.  (Loosely structured.)

There's going to be time during the day to work on letters and numbers, time for art time, expectations about the things that happen first thing in the morning (Bryton is almost to that place where he could basically dress himself and brush his teeth right after breakfast), and more structure around when snack times happen (which are already kind of implemented - but will include picking up all toys before them) and when Mickey happens. 

I'm not out to be a Nazi, or even to plan his life away, but for the sanity of both of us, it could make things run much smoother... especially with Ansley getting to the age of being more mobile very soon, needing more assistance (now that we're feeding her food as well as bottles), and this whole change may help B become more independent (although he already does very well in that department). 

So not to build myself a little robot - but some fun structure never hurt anyone. 

Now - structure starts next week, after we get settled in to be able to even HAVE structure...


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