Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You Know What I Need?

I need a random, unload my brain kind of post that isn't related to any thing life.  Why?  Because life was exhausting today... and I use words to escape instead of alcohol, food and the drive I have at times to run away from home (I wouldn't really do that... without the kids in good care, that is.)

So here's my random post... of all the junk floating around in my head right now.

- So I bought myself a new Scentsy smell that I covet every time someone else orders it.  I started burning it today, and I figured out why I love it so much.  It smells like Mambas.  You remember Mamabas?  Only the world's greatest candy!  I gotta get me some of those!  It's been years!

- I think Bryton's favorite color is yellow.  He has smiley faces for his sticker chart, and it seems to be the dominate color he chooses.

- I'm jonesing for a date with the hubs.  A real date.  Like, a hibachi and a movie.  Or you know what, just a movie (because if you go to a movie you have to eat popcorn... and who can eat popcorn and gorge yourself at a hibachi?  Okay, I can.  But I shouldn't.)  Larry Crowne sounds good!

- Has any other female considered shaving their heads?  I don't know how it is physically possible for a person to lose as much hair as I've been losing and still have any on their heads.  Like, for real.  We're four months postpartum, here, this should be slowing up by now!  Cleaning my bathroom post hair drying is making me nuts!

- A friend sent me a really cute DIY bracelet idea here.
We think it'd be fun, but maybe with something in place of the hex nut?

- How sad is this?  I already have a Christmas list going.  Seriously.  I do.  For myself.  How selfish is that?

- So - the many hairstyles of Alicia have taken a severe turn... I got tired of growing the bangs out so I cut them.  And I cut them TOOOO short.  Seriously.  It's sad how much my hair has changed in just the amount of time we've been married:
You can't tell - but my hair was extremely long and no bangs on our wedding day...
Huge gap in between here with short hair, long hair, bangs, no bangs, trendy, straight... even a perm (bleh! it was awful)... all before Bryton was born.  I had shoulder length hair, no bangs when B was born...
And this is what happened WEEKS after he was born...
Stopped fixing it like this and moved the bangs over more by 6 months...
 And was back long again by Christmas...
  By the time Ansley got here, I'd went short and long several times, and had started growing the bangs out again...
 And now the bangs are back... 
No pic yet.  I hate them.  Maybe soon I'll be brave enough... 

- An update about my "Weigh Day Friday" blogs... I missed one because we were out of town and missed last week because I forgot.  Also stopped going to the gym, for multiple reasons.  It was necessary... so I don't feel bad about it, but want to replace it with something.  Also want to shed these last few pounds.  Ugh. 

Well - that's all I have at the moment.  

I have some heart blogs coming up - we'll see how they end up!


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