Tuesday, July 12, 2011

There's a Family Member You Don't Know About

And my husband, as he reads this, may pass out after finding out that I'm talking about our dog. 

"Why?" you ask?  Well, because our cock-a-poo, Zeke, was very much like a child to me until our real children got here, then he very quickly became the dog. 

And I'll be honest, when people (did and do... yes, some still do) referred to him as our 'son' or what not, I got (or get) a little perturbed as I did no birthing to no dog (ahem, excuse my English, but come on people.)

So the fact that I'd consider him part of our 'family' would probably make my husband keel over.  It's not that I don't like him (he thinks I hate him), I just have come to realize that he's. the. dog. 

Anyway.  Zeke has been around since the get-go.  Aaron and I started 'dating' in June of 2003, and I went with Aaron to pick out Zeke at the beginning of July of 2003.  So he's seen it all and been around for it all. 

When we went on the road, Aaron's parents graciously took him and 'raised him' for us while we were away.  Then he lived up north with us, then he lived in the apartment with us, then he helped us welcome Bryton home, and now he's in the house and dealing with Ans. 

Needless to say - his life has seen a lot of change in his 8 short years. 

That being said - he's an incredible dog.  Very smart (somewhat stubborn), and normally pretty obedient. 

He can sit, roll over, lay down, high five, 'bang' (or play dead to the rest of you - we shoot him with our fingers and he falls over), and speak (which sometimes comes out as a sneeze, but hey, beggars can't be choosers) on command. 

So yeah, he's a decent dog.  I'll get some good pictures of Zeke and put them up for you.  Been awhile since the poor guy's had a photo shoot.  Did I mention he's the dog? 

Just wondered.



  1. LOL you're probably like "sure he's a good dog" since he took a walk with your mom one day all the way to the park and back ;) Luckily my mom was here and I could leave the children long enough to find him wondering down around the Presbyterian church. Only time EVER that he has done that!!!

  2. Ha! This sounds like us. I was the animal fanatic as a youngster, and worked for a veterinarian for 5 years. That'll quickly turn all dogs into exactly that, dogs. Hubby loves our female Aussie, but she chewed up my favorite black leather heels and I've never forgiven her. Sure...if it's -10 below in the winter I bathe her one night out of the year and let her sleep on the foot of the bed, but that's it. Dogs are dogs, and even though I love (and I use that term loosely) ours, and I'm SO thankful they're great with kids...I would never go in debt to save their lives or anything...:P