Monday, July 4, 2011

Motivate Me Monday - CrAzY Week Edition!

With today being a holiday (Happy July 4th, blog readers!), a weekend with family coming up, and a 4 month well check happening, I really have 1/2 day Tuesday, Wednesday, and 1/2 day Thursday to do stuff.  I'm most certainly not complaining, I'm looking forward to the fun times with family and friends that we have planned, but it means planning well the week's activities!   I'm not going overboard this week. 

  1. We are in the works of planning next year's vacation with good friends.  We need to get the vacation house booked before it's gone.  
  2. I have a special project I'm working on for the MYSTERY HISTORY meme that I started (and then forgot about).  Rest assured, dear souls, I will sporadically be giving you clues.  Ahh, what they hay, here's one now:  Statistically, the number means everything.
  3. And specifically, tomorrow I have 2 1/2 desserts on the agenda (1/2 because one is a fruit salad, which is technically a fruit, with no sugar, so it's more like a side than a dessert, at least that's how I'm justifying it!)  Be on the look out for some blog love about the desserts!  
And that should do us considering everything else on the agenda by default (doctors, and cookouts and family, oh my!)

How crazy is your week?


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