Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4th Has Extra Bang In Our House

And here's why:

In a land not so far away, in a time not so long ago, there was a man, a woman, a little boy, and a shaggy, yellow dog.  They lived together in an average house, in an average town, on an average street.  Secretly It was no secret that the woman loved the little boy deeply, loved the man deeply, and wanted to add to all of the love.  The little boy needed a little friend, preferably one with similar dna, and so the journey started.

Time went by and life went on and said man and said woman took the (not yet mentioned) youth group to all consuming youth camp.  Said woman was still young,  (and she looked young too!  Or so she tells herself, anyway.) yet youth camp took quite a toll on this young body.  She was very tired, and wanted to lie on any bed she could find (much like in another story, however, said youth camp bed was 'too hard'... the porridge wasn't too bad though).  Anyway... with utter exhaustion setting in, the woman would have chalked the entire thing up to being 'too old for this', if it weren't for something tugging (rather literally) in her gut telling her it was something more.

And so, while at camp, she bought a magic wand stick and used it appropriately, only to find that she must just be old and all of the rather literal tugging must be all in her head and none in her gut like she had previously thought.  And she moved on for three more days.

And Sunday rolled around, a special Sunday, a national holiday adorned in stars and stripes, BBQ and red, white and blue, this woman was still very tired and was looking for no stars or stripes, only a pink plus sign on, yet, another stick that morning.  And in the two minutes it took to dress the little boy for church, said plus sign appeared.  And life changed forever.  And the family changed forever.  And said woman took said little boy to church to inform said man that there would be another child to add to the family.  The plus sign was literal.  Plus 1.

And the extra bang in our 4th of July was found to be a little girl.  And she grew and changed and grew and moved and grew, and finally she came.  And she came a firecracker, all ten pounds of her!  Lighting up the month of March! 

And today, the woman holds the 4 month old little girl in her arms rather than within, and she remembers that only a short year ago, said little girl was only a small firecracker lighting up their 4th of July.  Now her eyes light up their household, her smile lights up the little boy's world, and she sparkles as the country celebrates the day that her existence came to light.

Not everyone gets fireworks on the day they became a plus sign.

Happy "We Found Out You Existed" Day, Ans Mak!


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