Friday, July 15, 2011

Some New Winds are Churning

Like, for real. 

You ever notice that when things change everything changes.  Like, nothing can ever happen a little bit at a time, ya know what I mean? 

And, as much as I can say that I love change (and sometimes, trust me, I love change - like getting off the road, great change - getting married, great change, etc etc etc), but sometimes, I can be a little bit of a traditionalist (and sometimes - the change is good, and I'm glad I've made the change after the fact... it just took doing it.)  

Like - with potty training.  He's done phenomenal the last three days.  Not one accident.  Crazy.  And - today we were gone, out of the house, for 3 hours.  Once he told me he had to pee, and we just happened to be near my moms so he was able to go in and do his business.  Another time he did his business in a Chili's bathroom stall.  Yay for being able to potty out of the house!  That has calmed my 'change anxiety' immensely regarding potty training.  Perfect example of change that is great once it happens! (Not that we in any way have this licked yet.)

And then there's Ansley.  I remember this 'phase' with Bryton.  It's the phase of multiple phases.  It's the 'don't get used to this, it won't last long' phase.  It's one week doing one thing and a week later everything is different. 

Good Ansley change:  she's taking longer naps in the afternoon, praise Jesus.  3 days in a row now.   (I'm not holding my breath that this will last... I can hope it does, but I'm sure not counting on it.)

Ansley change that is good, but I'm having to adjust to it:  We're having success with life outside of the swaddle.  Everyone pat me on the back, I've started the transition a full 3 months sooner than I did with Bryton.  We started with naps, and just last night we moved to not swaddling at bedtime either.  Goodness... so much change for this little closet traditionalist (about some things) to wrap her little emotions around. 

Add on to that that we are trying to introduce cereal into Ansley's diet (am I the only horrible mother who does it sporadically some days and doesn't others - sometimes for the sheer ease of just being able to give her a bottle.  Sad, isn't it?) 

And of course she's changing what she likes and doesn't like to do at the same time.  Where in times past she loved her swing, she's starting to prefer her bumbo and her jumper a little bit more, but she doesn't last long in either, half because she looks so uncomfortable, so who knows how long those will last...

Oh, and did I mention that she's starting to get herself sideways in her pack n play?  I am foreseeing a change to the crib soon - and I'm not sure how well that is going to go over with the kids having to share a room at the moment.  Another good change but exhausting one. 

We need a new house.  Did I mention change??? 


On a more random note - I've been given the urge to blog each month in pictures at the end of the months... you know... one picture for each day, all month long.  But - since I'm OCD about everything, I can't start in the middle of the month (and that'd be too much change for this month anyway ;), so I'll start that in August.  Should be a good month for it!

So - there's my mini - vent.  I've got a fun idea for a post tomorrow... including pictures :)  It may be up tomorrow night - make sure to check it out tomorrow night, or Sunday :)


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