Sunday, July 17, 2011

As Promised - A little late...

Yesterday was a long day... not bad, just long, and *gasp* I didn't get around to posting. 

So I'll keep it short and sweet today - but I will deliver pictures, as promised ;)

Here's Ans Mak with her Dolly.  I'll be honest, Bryton never had a 'lovey', and I think it's precious when kiddos have loveys... so I have let Ans have her dolly early, hoping she'll get attached to it.  (Remind me of this in a year or so when my blog is about losing the lovey and her not being able to function without it...)

Random picture of Bryton that holds lots of significance in this family.  Bryton with his Cars balloon and Mickey Mouse ball.  "Why?" you ask?  Because he got to pick out a toy and a balloon, because he earned them...

 With this!  He's done so well! 

And Miss Ans Mak chilling at the park.  I love those cheeks.

And so - I went scouring yard sales one day and found nothing... all day long, until I hit up the last one and I found this.  I've been looking for one of these for Bryton for a very. long. time.  I thought surely they'd have a nice price tag on it, and when I got up there (long past the peak hours of yard sale shopping) it only said $5.  $5?  I scooped it up as quick as I could.  A little coat of paint and this baby is perfect!  We're going for fire engine red - I'll keep you posted!

And here's something I don't blog about real often... for lots of reasons, but these here folk are dear to my heart... some of our youth kids at a baseball game and concert the other night.

With a... blue... man...

And with the lead singer of Remedy Drive.  Interesting band, I say, but they have some good stuff.  (I will say - with no mentioned names - that one of the females in the below picture was quite disappointed to see the ring on said sweaty males finger ;)  Silly girls.)  They just agreed it'd be nice to marry a band dude - and who am I kidding - it is :)

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  1. Yay for B doing so well on the potty, that's awesome! My Q had a crocheted blue blanket that he LOVED up until he hit about 18 months, it was so precious. Sprig just likes soft things. I made her a taggie blanket that she likes to sleep with, and she has a little soft dolly that she just loves. I think the lovey thing is cute, too!