Monday, July 11, 2011

Motivate Me Monday

Well, I just counted, and I have exactly 10 things on my 'to do list' this week.  This may be a week that I don't cross off anything off of my list (I sure hope that's not true), but I'm seeing that Bryton's potty training is going to trump anything I have on my agenda.

That being said, I have to put something on my to - do list to accomplish so that, in the event that I have the time I have some motivation to accomplish something.  So:

  1. I had a great yard-sale find a week or two ago... it needs to be painted.  I'll keep you all up on the process :) 
  2. Aaron and I are wanting to get a group of friends to go Segwaying.  We want to get that planned.  
  3. Update the kids scrapbooks and videos.  
  4. Menu planning / bill paying.  (This one HAS to be done this week.) 
There you go, an easy week for a not so easy week...


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