Sunday, July 31, 2011

Christmas in July

Ok – if you know me at all, you know that I can’t get through the month of July without a “Christmas in July” post.  I’m lucky to get through a normal month without talking about Christmas, and if July is going to give me a reason to talk about it, by golly, I’m going to do it. 

Now – I can go on and on and on about how much I love Christmas, and about how I look forward to it for months before it’s even upon us.  Or I could tell you about some of my favorite traditions including decorating our tree, making my mom’s special recipe ‘Snowball cookies’ (which I plan to share with you soon), or even some of the new traditions we have as ‘our little family’ like the kids each getting an ornament to contribute to the tree each year, opening one present on Christmas eve (pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve night), and of course, the Christmas classics Elf and Christmas Vacation.  

 (Our Fam for B's 2nd Christmas)

I can taste the white hot chocolate right now (you did know that real chocolate gives me migraines, right?).  Mmmm, mmmmm good!


Rather than tell you all of those things, how about some practical steps to keep you in the Christmas spirit from this point on through Christmas!  (At least – this is how I do it.)

  1. Believe it or not – many chains of stores already have out Christmas items.  I’m not even kidding.  Shelves and sections stocked full of, yes, you guessed it, Christmas trees, tableware, Christmas lights, tinsel, stockings, and all of the rest of your Christmas décor needs!  Unbelievable, yes.  But also handy!  I was just in Hobby Lobby this past week and saw that all Christmas stuff was already marked down – some 30%, some 50%!  I can assure you that prices will certainly go up just prior to Christmas season, so pick up some of those things you know you may need or want now before you have to pay full price for them before Christmas, or wait until after Christmas sales and store them for a year before using them!

  1. Go ahead and experiment with some recipes.  Really.  It’s okay.  I’m the type that I don’t like going overboard with a season favorite because it kind of takes the nostalgia out of it.  Like, if I have my mom’s snowballs every year for Christmas, I don’t want them randomly in February for no apparent reason.  Snowballs mean it’s Christmas.  However, who says you can’t check out a few of those never tried recipes that you never get around to because you are too unsure if they’ll be liked or not, and whip ‘em up for a taste test!  You never know what new dish you may be able to bring to the holiday table this year!

  1. This one is my all time favorite.  Get your Christmas list ready now.  I have a list (and have had since about February – I’m not going to lie) made out of everyone’s names whom we buy for and as the year goes on I keep my eyes peeled for things they may like (when I can hit them at really good prices).  Then – when I purchase something I write what it was next to their name, so I know what I’ve bought and whom I’ve bought for.  NOTE:  I do ‘save’ some gifts to buy during the Christmas season.  Specifically for the hubs and the kiddos.  They are the most enjoyable to buy for and we cherish the time of getting to pick out gifts for them and shop for them, so it’s worth it to have our other shopping done so we can enjoy spending the money on our kids at Christmas time.  It just isn’t so much at once. 

Awww... bliss.  It’s a rainy, dreary day in our neck of the woods, and I can almost envision the snow falling (unless I go outside where it’s still 95 degrees despite the rain).


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  1. Hobby Lobby has had their ornaments out since the end of May. Pretty much ridiculous!!!
    Thanks for the reminder, I really need to start my Christmas shopping. I'd rather have it all out of the way, especially with the good sales going on.